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As natural as breastfeeding is, it is not always obvious. In the beginning it is often a matter of searching and trying to find what works for you as a duo. ​

We inform you with up-to-date information so that you know what to expect, both during the initial, intense period and after a few months (and even years). ​

To teach you the basics, we recorded a handy webinar.

House of Meraki

Expert and up-to-date advice

At House van Meraki, we are passionate about supporting mothers in achieving their personal breastfeeding goals. We are here to guide and encourage you with years of experience, in-depth knowledge and continuous training

Personal guidance

We understand that every mother and every mother-child bond is unique, and that is why we tailor to your specific needs and situation. Whether you have questions about your milk production, latching techniques, engorgement, or very specific challenges, we have the know-how to guide you. Even if your child is a bit older.

It takes a village

Breastfeeding or feeding with breast milk is not always easy. You need the support of others. Your partner, a family member, a friend. Your midwives are also there to help and support you empathetically through the ups and downs of your breastfeeding journey. Whether you are a first-time mother or have experience, from prenatal preparation until your baby is 1 year old, we are here to help.

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