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A professional support and guidance by a trusted midwife can make you and your family so much stronger,

from your wish to have children until long after the birth of your baby. 

House of Meraki

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If you would like to become pregnant, get acquainted or have specific questions, you are more than welcome to contact our midwives.  




We will monitor you closely during your pregnancy, always in collaboration with your GP or gynaecologist. At every consultation we look at you and your babies  well-being, we evaluate the growth and health of your child and detect any complications at an early stage. Of course, there is always room to discuss your questions, concerns or reservations.




You can always count on professional help from our colleagues in the hospital for guidance during your labor and delivery. If you would like to have your own trusted midwife, that is possible. There are different possibilities.





When you return home, we will come to your home within 24 hours. This happens daily until 5 days after the birth of your baby. We plan a home visit together around day ten, three weeks and six weeks after birth. Afterwards we look at where your needs and wishes lie.



Midwifery practice House of Meraki midwives and well-being - in Kessel-Lo, Leuven, Linden, Lubbeek, Holsbeek, Wilsele, Wijgmaal, Herent, Heverlee, Rotselaar

We proudly bear the Good Practice label of the national midwifery association VBOV

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