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Our philosophy

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Huis van Meraki has originated from the belief that (self) care makes you strong, and that you can grow from interacting with like-minded people.

Our dedicated care departures from your well-being, so that you can consciously choose for what is important to you as a person. We work from out of your own strength and vision, and always take into consideration your own pace and your own limits.  

We choose for personal, safe and sustainable care, with attention to physical and mental well-being, balance and self-care.

House of Meraki


We fully focus on you, your family, your needs and expectations. What's truly important for you may not work best for someone else - and that's okay.


We always keep you well informed and work from the Evidence Based knowledge and insights. The knowledge and expertise we share with you steams from years of our clinical and practical experience. In case we need any more specialized support, we will trust you in full confidence to colleagues within the local healthcare sector. We enjoy working with and learning from various (medical) disciplines.


Together, we will look for solutions and approaches that work best for you. We purposely choose for materials of biological and ecological origin, and pay home visits  as much as possible using sustainable forms of mobility, such as bicycle. By doing so, we take care of yourself, of the local community, and of the future of our beautiful planet.

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