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Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy can offer you many gifts. One of them is the ability to sink deeper into your mind and body and listen to what you and your baby really need. You can take care of yourself and your future baby by resting, eating healthy or exercising. If there is already an older brother or sister around, it becomes a bit more difficult to schedule a much-needed and well-deserved me-time. 


This series of Maternity Yoga offer the opportunity to take some me-time and relax. To connect with yourself and with your (inner) child. You can start as soon as you are pregnant. You will learn useful breathing techniques that can be applied during pregnancy but also during birth. We bring the focus back to your cente - the core - and practice strength and dynamics, while learning postures to apply during labor. This is one of the ways to your own, feminine power.

Huis van Meraki

Martien Put - yoga teacher











I have been a midwife for a long time. When I became a mother to Wolf in the spring of 2017, my care
and my vision became different, softer, more spacious.
I grew in my job and as a person, by immersing myself in (yin) yoga and acupressure. And I
completely became passionate!
In this gentle yoga series you will experience what space can do for you, in you
body and in your head, and how you can create this.
The series is a combination of carefully chosen and accessible yoga postures,
guided by insights from yoga philosophy and my experience as a midwife and mother.
Together this forms a powerful tool during your pregnancy, childbirth and long afterwards.


winter series 2024

each wednesdaymorning from 9.45u to 11u

20 en 27 March

17, 24 Aprilen 8 May

Location: Huis van Meraki, Jan Davidtsstraat 68 in Linden

price: 100 euro

* if you cannot register for a full series, you can always contact us to see what suits you

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