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Sexual well-being

House of Meraki

In addition to being a parent, do you also want to be a partner again? Have you lost something about yourself? Don't feel like having sex? Are you having doubts? Are there difficulties in your relationship? Would you like to feel like a woman and find out what this could mean for you?

I am Heleen, a certified clinical sexologist at the VVS, passionate about improving intimate health and exploring the different facets of sexuality in women and couples, such as: is there a difference in desire, do you experience pain, do you have no desire? , you feel too tired, you are not satisfied with sex, you have doubts about something, your self-image has changed or is very negative, ...


Sexuality is part of our lives.  Talking about it is not easy for everyone. Open communication and discussing sexuality and intimacy is the key to a healthy and satisfying intimate life. Empathy, trust, authenticity and empowerment are central to me. I want to provide a safe place to express concerns, ask questions, explore and grow.

Desiring to have children comes with many unanswered questions, not only the physical changes but also the emotional changes can be drastic: the changing body, when becoming pregnant does not happen naturally, ... Perhaps sexuality or emotional connection comes under pressure in the perinatal period .  How do we continue to make space to connect with each other and make time for a nice intimate life. Not only the journey to parenthood but also the journey into parenthood brings challenges. How do we talk to each other and to the other members of our family about sexuality. What is normal sexual development, what behavior is normal and how do I respond appropriately.




Your own feminine sexuality and sensuality deserve space to be further explored. What does “being a woman” mean to me, how do I stand firmly in my feminine power.  What happens in my body under the influence of female hormones during the menstrual cycle, during pregnancy or after the birth of my child. Matrescence or becoming a mother is an important transition phase in life and you deserve support for that.

In the session with couples, the focus is mainly on improving communication, reconnecting with each other and building a stronger and healthier relationship together.


Do you have any questions about this?  Please do not hesitate to contact us.

You are so welcome. I look forward to meeting you and guiding you in your search for yourself and each other.

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