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Prenatal and postnatal care

From the very first days of your pregnancy, until your baby turns one year old, you can count on our care and dedication. Together, we try to make both the pre- and postnatal period as peaceful and comfortable as possible.

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During your pregnancy, we follow your health and well-being closely, always in collaboration with your medical doctor or gynecologist. During each consultation, we monitor your and your babies well-being, we evaluate the growth of your child and detect any complications early stages. Of course, there is always room to discuss all your questions and concerns.

When you leave the hospital after birth, we visit you at your home within the first 24 hours. This routine will occur daily until the 5th day after birth. We plan together a homevisit around ten days, three weeks and six weeks after birth. Afterwards, we discuss together where your needs and wishes are to continue any further support.

We look back on how the birth went, support you with breast (or bottle) feeding, and keep a close eye on your overall well-being. At the same time, the development of your child is also closely monitored.