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Prenatal massage


With this massage you lie on your side, pillows and blankets support your body where necessary.
Natural oils, wonderful heat and adapted techniques relax your body,
bring your nervous system into a relaxed flow. A pregnancy massage is gentle, non-
invasive and supports important hormonal processes in your body. Your child enjoys it
A duo massage for you and your baby!
This massage, inspired by traditional oriental techniques, is offered from
12 weeks and safely adapted to the phase of pregnancy you are in, in consultation with
your midwife.

Postnatal massage


This adapted massage supports the process of finding yourself again after birth. You
you are invited to land back in your body, to feel what you need.
This is optimally taken into account during the healing care, so that you will soon be able to...
fully charged again.
The massage is inspired by traditional oriental massage techniques, you can enjoy it
Come and enjoy yourself as soon as you feel ready after giving birth.

Price : 70 euros

House of Meraki

Prenatal and postnatal massage

a mini vacation for the challenges of body and mind
by midwife Martien

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