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Foot reflexology is a gentle and effective alternative therapy that can be used during pregnancy to promote harmonious balance within the body and help the baby adopt an optimal position. This form of therapy is based on the principle that specific points on the feet correspond to organs and systems in the body. By stimulating these points, the energy flow in the body can be stimulated, which has numerous health benefits.


In the run-up to childbirth, it is important that the uterus and pelvis are relaxed, so that the baby can easily find an optimal position. Foot reflexology can help with this by promoting relaxation in these areas. In addition, foot reflexology can  also provide support in restoring hormonal balance, which can help reduce pregnancy complaints such as nausea, fatigue and mood swings. It can provide relief from complaints such as back pain, fluid retention and constipation.


Foot reflexology is not a medical treatment. That is why we will always consult with you to assess whether it is suitable for your specific situation. This way we can tailor our care to your needs and any medical conditions. 


Not only will foot reflexology support you physically during pregnancy, it will also give you a fantastic and relaxing feeling as a future or new mother.

Price: 35 euros for 30 minutes

(is not refunded by the mutuality)

House of Meraki

Foot reflexology
by midwife Goedele

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