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Guidance during labor and birth

Every labor and every birth are unique, and they run at their own rhythm.
That is why it is essential to be guided by an experienced and trusted midwife.
With such a personal guidance, you have a much greater chance of a positive birth experience and fewer medical interventions.

House of Meraki

Diagnosis of Labor

Your midwife will visit you at home to assess whether the process of labor has actually started, and when is the best time to leave for the hospital. By doing so, the chance is small that you will be hospitalized too early (risking unnecessary medical interventions) and sent back home.

Labor at home

When you do start experiencing your first contractions, you can definitely choose to be accompanied by your midwife. You can then actively labor in your own, familiar environment. We check how far the labor has progressed and keep a very close eye on your well-being, including that of your child, and also of your partner. We offer tips, trust and active assistance. We supervise the labor at home as long as you feel stable and comfortable, or until we indicate it is high time to leave for hospital. Then, we entrust any further care to our expert colleagues at hospital of your choice. 

Guidance at the hospital

You can choose to give birth in the hospital, with your midwife alongside. After active supervision of your labor at home, the midwife will accompany you to the hospital and stays with you (as an additional caring midwife).

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Our rates mean that we are available around the clock 24/7, from the 37th week of pregnancy onwards. 

Diagnosis of labor: 100 euros

Labor at home: 250 euros

Labor at home with further hospital guidance: 490 euros

Care package for guidance during labor and birth

How is it arranged?

During your pregnancy, we will discuss the possibilities and availabilities for guiding you during labor and possible delivery.  

How much it costs?  

Diagnosis of labor: we charge an availability allowance of 100 euros. This covers our 24/7 availability, including nights and holidays. Other costs are settled directly with your Belgian health insurance company.

Labor at home: we charge an availability fee of 250 euros which covers our full availability from the 37th week of pregnancy. This cost will be charged when we visit you at home for active labor guidance, with or without a telephone consultation beforehand. Other costs are settled directly with your health insurance company.

Labor at home and support in the hospital: We charge an availability allowance of 490 euros that covers support during labor and delivery in the hospital. Other costs (nomenclature of medical provision) are settled directly with your health insurance company. 

We will do our exceptional best to respond to your call as quickly as possible. In an unlikely case of us unable to be present due to any exceptional circumstances, this cost will not be charged. 

What does this mean?

  • We are available 24/7 from the 37th week of pregnancy until the very delivery. 

  • For the 'diagnosis of labor', we will pay you a home visit and  assess together with you when is the best time to leave for the hospital. We actively monitor your baby's well-being and ensure that you are not admitted at hospital too early. We will inform the hospital's maternity ward that you will be arriving shortly.

  • We are available for labor at home and for accompanying you in the hospital, both during the day and at night.

  • At least one of us is always available during nights, weekends and holiday periods.

When do you call us?

During the day:

  • when your waters break

  • when you are in active labor

  • if you have any urgent question or concern

At night:

  • if your waters break and the amniotic fluid is not clear (brown, green)

    • are the waters transparant? You can wait until the morning, unless:​

  • when you are in active labor

  • when you need our urgent advise or if you are growing worried

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