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Prenatal webinars with online question round

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During your pregnancy, you and your partner are very welcome to follow our online prenatal courses. 

The online information courses cover important themes such as breastfeeding, labor and delivery and maternity, being always based on our healthcare philosophy, and offering sufficient room for questions and discussion.

We go far being the fundamentals which you can use with confidence. Knowledge and good guidance are crucial, but being able to follow your own gut feeling as a young parent is just as important. 

Breastfeeding : We  focus on the properties of breast milk, on what to expect in the first days and weeks after birth, including all the practical approaches and tips.

Labor and delivery : We overview all phases from the last weeks of pregnancy to the birth of your baby. How does this natural process work? What choices can you make, the usefulness of a birth plan and what if things go sideways? What medical interventions are there if needed?

Maternity period : We take a closer look at the first days and weeks after birth. What can you expect, what should you think about in advance, how do you, your baby and your family can prepare for a calm and relaxed maternity period?

Price per
 webinar: 40 euro own share

House of Meraki

Would you rather prefer a personal preparation for birth? Your birth partner is also welcome!
Here you can book the appointment with  your midwife. Cost: 45 euros.

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